Well Well Well, what can I say? Food at NTU is a whole NEW level. The variety they provide is amazing. It ranges from classic Singaporean favourites like chicken rice to bubble tea and Starbucks. Though sadly, Starbucks have no student discounts…. But anyway even I also haven’t really finished fully exploring the food options there yet too. The campus is sooo big compared to back home in SUTD.

Maybe to name a few stores there, there are umisushi, wok hey, subway, macs, KFC and even long john silver all in one place!! Too bad for me that area is not where I frequent as my classes are not there…

In my area where my classes are, there is a little hidden food gem that I wouldn’t have thought of. Let me tell you why! It is located in Cheers itself and i discovered by accident in my second week of studying there as I wanted to get a drink. Inside Cheers, there is a little food store that sells different kinds of food from waffles to fries and to their most famous Japanese bento sets. IT is CHEAP and GOOD!! From first glance, the portion looks small but after by the time you finish the bento, it is actually pretty filling!

The price will leave you guys in shock. The salmon set only cost 5.50 while the katsu set cost 5 bucks. This 2 have been my staple for the last 7 weeks I have been there.

Now after recess week, I am planning to continue my exploration of my food tour to see if I can find anymore hidden gems! Wish me (rather my stomach) the best of luck!!

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