Since I only had one physical class in NUS, I wanted to try out different CCAs in NUS to spend more time on campus, gain new experiences, and make new friends! I joined the NUS Powerlifting Club and Board Game Club.

The NUS students I met were extra accommodating to me whenever they found out that I was an exchange student from SUTD. They would bring me on school tours, and invite me to dine with them at their favourite food spots in school. It was exciting to walk around such a big campus, but it was not fun having to climb up hills to get to lecture halls. I was even late to class for 45 minutes one time, because I went to the wrong location!

I made close friends through the NUS Board Game Club, whom I still regularly meet up with even after the exchange ended! I guess that’s one of the best things about having a local exchange instead of an overseas one!

Having a big campus gave rise to a huge variety of halls and student accommodations, which all had different cultures! Comparatively, SUTD hostels are more quiet, perhaps due to the stricter rules or because students are too busy Staying Up Till Dawn for projects! I will definitely miss this aspect of NUS culture the most!

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