All good things must come to an end. This blog post is going to be a long one because it has two weeks worth of content and a lot has happened in these final two weeks. Let’s get straight to it!

Our final prototypes

Week 13 was our final week of working on the project. The presentation and final showcase of our prototype was to happen at the end of week 13. The last few nights were full of rehearsals and fine tuning of our presentation since our products were all finished. I would like to thank everyone in my group for making this project such a successful one. I have really learnt a lot of technical and people skills during the time here and it has been very invaluable to me. The professors and teaching assistant, Jiang Hao and Jia Huan respectively have been really helpful in our project and they helped guide us through these 13 weeks. I will let the pictures do the talking for this portion.

Our theme: Smart Home Products

After our project ended, there was only 1 week left for us to play. Some of my friends went to Shanghai but I stayed behind because I had to settle some administrative stuff and I already had a long trip to Shanghai earlier in DATE. However, I still made sure I had my fair share of fun before I left. Immediately after our project, my fellow group leader Zai Xuan invited us to a bar to see him DJ. I think half of the entire DATE group went over and we partied!!! Luckily no one got drunk that night and everyone went home safe.

In the middle of the week, I went to pluck grapes in the suburban parts of Hangzhou and that is a very unique experience for me. There were grapes drooping off the greenhouse and we plucked grapes here and there for a good 45 minutes! I guess this is the type of experience I’ll never have as I live in a very dense city like Singapore and the tropical climate doesn’t suit the mass plantation of berries. I am super happy that I ticked that off my bucket list!

We also went to a trampoline park and we had a blast of our time. Somersaulting, jumping, bouncing… that one hour was probably the most tiring thing I did in DATE that I ever did.  There are trampoline parks in Singapore too but the reason why we went there was because it was cheaper! I guess almost everything here in Hangzhou is cheaper than in Singapore. Enjoy the video as you see Nyssa getting flown off the air bag!

And what better way to end of the trip with another nine hour karaoke session! I think I have went to a karaoke 5 times, more than I did in Singapore and I never knew karaoke took a whole new level of fun. The people you see in the video has made my Hangzhou trip such a memorable one and I will really miss the times I had with them.

As DATE wraps up, there will be a lot of fun and lovely memories that I will miss and I will treasure the moments I had here. It has been a wonderful journey and I am really thankful for my family, friends, school, sponsors and all those who made DATE a wonderful experience. Time to fly back!

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