Hello Everyone! We’re finally done with our presentations! It was a real treat getting to see what everyone was working on over the past weeks, all of which had an impact in how technology could be implemented in the future to help society. From something as simple as making parcels easier to find during collection for customers, to more complex tasks like creating visuals from data so that people are able to make sense of arbitrary numbers, they all have value in the problems that they set out to solve. This also marked the end of the formal course of DATE 2019 and onto recess week! So let’s get to it

During the final product showcase, for our team, we created a simple video to convey the implications of using brain signals to determine satisfaction levels. The tldr; is that you can get a more accurate read of people’s real sentiment towards certain products and services by eliminating bias when it comes to survey completion. Even though, we weren’t able to do a live demo (we weren’t given the EEG device during the showcase), I felt like we were able to do a good job conveying the functional ability of our research! Overall, it was really interesting to catch a glimpse of what everyone had poured their hard work into over the past month and half – market research, ideation, product development, all over a short period of time, in the attempts to create things that are beneficial to society.

Now that the projects were over, it’s time to let loose and have FUNNNNN! We took a trip to Shanghai to enjoy Happy Valley (欢乐谷) a theme park and man was that exciting! We also took the chance to spend more time with each other, between all the themes, since most of us had spent the past few weeks working around the same people, getting a chance to chit-chat with some of our other friends was really enjoyable. Sharing stories, good and bad, about the entire course! We all, went to sing K, dance at a bar, and even just spend the whole day in the room playing party games with one another, taking a good recharge after all the projects and before we fly back. I even got the chance to visit a trampoline park for the first time! Taking the much needed break before going back to Singapore.

On Saturday, most of us had already begun to check out. Taking that short walk to board the bus, I really reminisced about the memories I’ve made throughout the trip. Learning about the culture, about the people and about being a student at ZJU was truly a rewarding experience, but being able to make new friends, and form a community with each other, that was the real takeaway from the course. I felt like I’ve really grown as a person throughout my time in Hang Zhou, being a more independent individual and all, and I hope that when I get home to Singapore, even if I may forget some of the things that I’ve learnt there, I will continue to cherish the moments we all shared together.


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