Initially, for the weekend, I wanted to go to 郭庄, a tourist place known for its scenic areas (or so I have learnt from online sources). However, after talking with the taxi driver on the way out from our school gate, he advised us that there is nothing much there and recommended us this place called 农夫乐园, supposedly a theme park that has scenic areas (which we have never heard of). Feeling adventurous, we decided to take the risk and went ahead with the driver’s suggestion.

Before setting off, we had lunch near the main entrance of the school at 过桥米线, which is a famous local delicacy that features a boiling hot bowl of soup, a platter of raw dishes and of course, a bowl of rice noodles, all for the consumer to put into the soup.

The theme park’s original ticket price is 120RMB per pax, but fortunately, with the student card, we were able to get it at half price. Onward we go!

Huge wheels seen at the entrance of the theme park.
Entrance to the theme park.
Humongous water theme park seen right after we entered, apparently a lot of families bring their children in here just to swim and play.
Huge (real?) pumpkin decorations.
Marriage boat.
Eerie(?) decorations.
Cartoonised watermelon.
Cartoonised peanut.
Cartoonised corn.
Horse stable offering rides to customers paying at about 30 RMB per ride.
Towering gorilla model made of what seems to be hay.
Bunches of clovers found on the ground, we tried to find a four-leaf one but failed.
Oversized catapult that could shoot a human into the blocks!
Antique car.
Obstacle course for young and grown-ups alike.
Boars kept in cages awaiting their turn for an animal show.
Construction machines for kids to role-play, but already closed down.
Entrance to a haunted house – we paid for the entrance fee and went in and got a shock of our lives because of the unpredictability of the scares inside!!
Displays along the many paths inside the park.
Enclosure filled with countless ducks and chickens.
A map of the theme park – it is pretty big for one whole day of exploration.
A lake resides inside the theme park.
The amphitheater.
An adult goat at the small animals zoo.
Adults and children catching fishes with nets for fun and entertainment.
A monkey chained to the pole at the small animals zoo.
A peacock showing its magnificent display at the small animals zoo.
A young goat at the small animals zoo.
An escaped chicken with funky hairstyle at the small animals zoo.
A chained dog and cat (the irony) at the small animals zoo.
A goat at the small animals zoo.
A deer at the small animals zoo.
A pony at the small animals zoo.
Dog show at the small animals zoo.
One of the many rides at the theme park.
One of the many rides at the theme park.
A display along a path.
Sumptuous dinner after the whole day at 海底捞 – costly but well worth it!

It was a surprisingly fun day at an unexpected place. If not for the taxi driver’s recommendation, this place would have remained unexplored. Highly recommended for adventurous explorers!

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It is in my nature to learn, to grow, to help others, to teach, to explore, and to be fascinated with the unknown. With a keen interest in music, I play the tuba in the symphonic band and also the piano. Music is magical, and it never fails to amaze me how effectively it can connect people regardless of race, language, ethnicity and geographical proximity. Similarly, with my new-found passion in computing and programming, I aspire to create programs that does the same and to solve their problems, but in a slightly different, more technical approach.


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