With all the submissions out of the way by the early part of the week, all that was left was the presentation. To be honest, I was losing it. Being the only presenter on my team, it was a rather stressful task and I spend many hours practicing to try to get my main points out without needing to rely on a script.

Due to the project being one targeted towards children, I had to try my best to be cheerful, animated and detailed, all while being coherent. Which I found to be reaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyy challenging. Being the 7th theme to present, it gave me time while the rest were presenting to pace up and down in another part of the room, trying to get my points right and my speaking tone right. I was undoubtedly a nervous wreck.

Then it came to my theme’s turn. I went up there and I just ran on autopilot, whatever was practiced was practiced and I just presented as best as I could. After the full run, I walked to the back and just tumbled onto the floor, knees weak and all, laughing (as silently as I could). Well it is over, the maddening workload and all. All that is left, is the app competition, let’s see where this goes from here.

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