26 May16, raining the whole day… | This is my first time interacting with children with special needs.

Our lesson plan for today was to teach the Grade 4 children(11-12 years old) to fold a paper aeroplane. Folding a paper aeroplane is an easy task for children without disabilities. However, children with special needs need extra effort and time to fold a paper aeroplane. My teammates (WeiJin and WenZhen) and I spent a lot of time guiding them one to one on how to finish folding each step.

Before the end of the lesson, we managed to have a mini paper aeroplane flying competition. The students in class flew their own aeroplanes and that marked the end of our first lesson.

We practised a 么么哒 dance and decorated the stage in the school for the Children day performance on 27 May16.

P.S. Children Day is on 1 June in China (六一儿童节)

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