On the last day of lessons at the Special Needs School, we drew a picture and coloured it in.

We watched as each and everyone of them got to work for the very last time, some needing more help than others.

It was then that our 2 months of experience really culminated, for we knew the quirks of all 7 students.

How to guide them and how to make them focus.

Each individual was represented, and we meant everything that we wrote.

But for today they can only recognise themselves.

One day when they master reading, I hope that they will even be able to point out the mistakes in our message.

Thank you kids, for the short time spent together.

We will miss all of you.

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Wi Leen is an aspiring landscaper who likes nature and absolutely loves water features, no matter how tacky. One day she hopes to populate the world with more water features. She also hopes to include fun and interactive elements in her designs because sometimes other than pleasing your eyes, you need to satisfy the itch in your bottoms too. In her free time, Wi Leen enjoys reading, writing, horror movies, and of course, checking out water features.


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