You Did It!!

The big day has finally arrived – Graduation Day – the final chapter in your life as a student at the university. It is a day full of excitement as it signifies one of the biggest milestones in your adult life. We have previously shared some of the things to expect on your graduation day and now we think it’s the perfect time to give you some tips on how to survive ‘D’ day:

Sleep well !

Get enough zzz

We know it will be hard to resist celebrating your graduation and paint the town red. But we recommend you to hold your horses and revisit that thought after the graduation ceremony. It is, after all almost a half-day event so you really need a good night rest the day before.

Eat Well!

Have a good breakfast
You know the saying “A hungry man/woman is an angry man/woman”. It will be a tiring day ahead so having a full stomach will help you better in surviving the day. Drink enough water and filling breakfast but not too much caffeine as it is diuretic and you will have the urge to go for toilet breaks too often.

Get comfy!

Wear your most comfortable shoes
As you will be on your feet most of the time, wear your most comfortable shoes that are already nicely break in. That way, you will not get any blisters and most likely not to stumble over yourself. Happy feet = happy smiles.

Smile for the camera!

Get your family members to be your personal paparazzi
You will not have time to take many photos as you will be focusing on the ceremony and catching up with your friends whom you haven’t seen after your exams. So ask your family members to take as many photos of you as possible so that you can concentrate on doing what you are supposed to do.

Chill out with friends!

Relax and enjoy!
Remember that this is one of the most important milestones in your life. Just follow the programme, relax your nerves, breathe and enjoy the event. You have conquered all the challenges and now you are receiving the fruit of your labour.

Graduation day is a rite of passage; it may seem mundane, your family might be fussing too much over you but still do your best to enjoy and appreciate every moment.

Congratulations to all of our graduates. You did it!

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