Q: ‘You’re known by many as ‘Mr. Solar Panel’. Can you tell us more about this interest of yours?

A: ‘I have always been a technical kind of guy, dismantling and reassembling stuff here and there while trying to understand how stuff works.

This particular interest of mine started around 100 days before ‘A Levels’ and yes, it was crunch time. However, I was really ‘sianz’ of studying then, till to the point that I was wondering whether I was still alive or not! Hah, I told myself that I have to do something different so I went searching online.

At that point in time, the environmental issue was a pretty hot topic so I was like ‘Why not I look into that area too?’ I continued searching and it was then when I stumbled upon the Toyota Prius Hybrid Car. This car in particular is pretty interesting as it uses solar energy to either charge its battery or power its fans to cool it down. Pretty cool stuff huh? Then it hit me ‘Why not I look into solar panels?’ and things just took off from there.

Q: ‘Wah, so what was your first project about?’

A: After researching more about solar panels, I thought to myself (again) ‘Why not I power my whole room with just the energy from the sun?’ This thought as well as my ‘recently found’ interest propelled me to gather more information on how can I get this done. I went around the internet, YouTube in particular, looking at tutorials on how to solder or arrange the solar panels etc. My friend, you can find everything online. By everything, I mean everything.

Before I know it, I managed to assemble everything together and voila, my whole room was running on clean energy! From powering up my lights, to my handphone and even my laptop! I was really satisfied with it and one of the things that I can always remember was the time when the electricity in my house tripped and I didn’t even noticed it at all as everything was still running! I only noticed it when my mother came barging into my room and asking what was I doing and not helping her out with the power shortage! Haha!

Q: ‘Hahaha, that’s a really funny story man! It must be a really difficult thing to keep yourself motivate and doing all these random projects that we see around school. Can you share with us what drives you and what do plan to do in the future?’

A: Hahaha, you make me sound as though I complete every single project that I do. In actual fact, I don’t. I think what really drives me is the interest I have in the project. Whenever I start on a project, it is because I am interested in it and I would like to see it to an end. However, if I lose interest in it, I will then put it aside until my interest comes back (I hope).

To what I plan to do, we will have to see what interest me at that point in time. What I really look forward to is to gather like-minded people and start on projects together. And yes, I have some ‘crazy’ projects that I would like to work on. But mostly everyone here is pretty caught up with their work. Hope this period ends soon so that we can start working on it.

Q: ‘Thanks for sharing with us all these insights man. Is there anything else you want to tell the rest of the school?’

A: ‘Please don’t call me ‘Mr. Solar Panel’. I have been trying to diverge to other sources of energy already, just happened that the solar panels keep on presenting themselves to me. Haha

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