‘Since young, I have always wanted to create new types of medicine for people. I wanted to do this because my mum’s health isn’t good, which led to my wish to create new types of medicine to cure the sick. Therefore, I am studying biochemical engineering as my major in order to enter this field.’

This is like a combination of a doctor and scientist.

‘The thing that prevents me from being a doctor is that I cannot stand the sight of blood. As a doctor you will have to face this type of situation. If I have a fear for such a minor element, compounded with the fact that being a doctor is such a high pressure job requiring years of study, I feel that being a doctor is not the right career path for me.

I feel that my choice is much more practical and creates more impact beyond other possible alternative career routes, like for example just being a scientist of theory. Additionally, I have been good at biochemistry since young, which I feel gives me more potential in this field.’

How do you find the locals here?

‘We take a lot of different courses, so I am working with Year 1s to Y3s all at the same time! I think the people here are very friendly and nice, and I realised when it comes to group discussion they can discuss about a project for the whole day! In China, we discuss for a project each time for no more than 3 hours. I guess people here really strive to find the perfect solution. In a way, there are so much more group discussions and hands on activities here, and the concepts learnt are broad. Comparatively, in Zhe Jiang, i feel that they want us to know more about the depth of knowledge, and I guess it is a more theoretical way if learning. Coming here has made me realise new things about learning styles.’

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