‘I started making random videos since secondary school. I made these short, partially-scripted videos with simple cuts and uploaded them on Facebook for the fun of it, but found the time and motivation to start learning more on filmmaking and motion graphics during army. From then, the hobby took me by wildfire; I invested in a DSLR, made numerous cardboard weapon props, and spent countless hours making totally random and pointless special effects videos. I am intrigued by the power of well-made special effects in its ability to portray fiction so realistically, making the layman question the authenticity of common videos.’

‘As surprising as it may sound (or not), the person who inspired me to filmmaking is my dad. My dad loves taking videos during our holiday trips and spends many hours of his free time editing and producing them for my family and relatives. He finds a sense of satisfaction when he sees his audience be entertained at his hard work. I share this similar satisfaction too. Many a time, he would ask my family to repeat certain actions during our holidays so that he could get the same action from a different angle. Like when we walked into a hotel, he would film us from the back, and then he would plead us to repeat the exact same action so that he could get us from the front.’

‘Two of my own favourite pieces are ‘Cardboard Wars’ and ‘Hyperlapse’.

‘Carboard Wars’ was a totally impromptu special effects video which I created with a few good friends. The video features my cardboard weapon props, inspired by Pwnisher’s ‘Cardboard Warfare’. The purpose of the video was for me to practise ‘selling’ the special effects shots by making them look realistic. Also, it allowed me to apply sound design. (link: http://youtu.be/rqNIMapawJA)

‘Hyperlapse’ is a more recent video. It is a montage of hyperlapses I captured in Sentosa – which is something I am presently interested in, that and producing high quality 4k videos. (link: http://youtu.be/UvPzIxnW0HU)

‘I would also like to share a quote from Bruce Lee which has greatly inspired me: “The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.” I have always believed that immortality is not about living forever, but rather, living in the hearts of people forever. And in my case, art and filmmaking are few of my many ways of etching my original impression in this world. Go out there and do the things you love!’

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