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It suddenly hit me that ALP is coming to an end, when I realised that I’ve already written 11 weeks worth of blog post.

In case it is of interest to you, here is the link to my previous blogposts: https://wearesutd.sutd.edu.sg/author/maesy_tan/

There are definitely two sentiments ( among Singaporean ALP students, at least ) :

  1. You are dying to go back to Singapore because of your pet dog, your parents, your siblings, local food, your bed, your friends and so on.
  2. You are still somewhat holding on to the relatively care-free lifestyle here and returning to Singapore is back to the reality you left behind about 3 solid months ago. Reality that you put on pause including the  operation of your fifth row you are exco of, the fact that you are not living independently and debris of your GPA ( at least for me… *cries in python language*)

By now, you should know which category I belong to…um so where was I going with this actually?


Oh yes, the fact that ALP is ending. Not only would it stir those above-mentioned sentiments, it also becomes more obvious that we are actually here for a theme project that would be due in slightly more than a week (by the time this post is publish).

You know what that means? The last minute rush begins.

To put things in perspective, the deliverables for our theme projects are : an individual report, a group thesis, a powerpoint, a 3-minute video, an A0 poster and a working prototype. Yes, try to say it in one breath!! No prizes though.

With no time to lose, our group split our tasks and start grinding…… For me, this week I’ve been working on the report and powerpoint. In the process, I realised that I have been making use of what I learned during the Alibaba workshop that took place last week. I cannot say this for the other theme projects, but our project is more business-orientated in the sense that we are designing a product we believe there is a need in the market. Perhaps, that was why we spent bulk of our weeks here in ALP brainstorming rather than learning new hard skills like some of the other themes.

Then it hit me again, all the themes are different in their requirements and thank god I was in a theme on SLEEP (and light), making each step of this project a little more bearable than it could have been. I guess there is a difference when you like the theme of the project versus not liking it.

Meanwhile, my other group mates are working really hard on the prototype, gunning for the plan A functions of the design. We’ll see how everything turns out on product launch day!


You know how they say when conversation reaches the topic of the weather, that is when you know there is almost nothing to talk about. And that’s essentially it. Nothing much happened ( that is blog worthy ) this week other than doing my assigned tasked for the theme project and editing a research paper volunteeringly ( cool things I did not see myself doing on ALP though! )

Ok again, where was I? Yes, the weather. So it actually rained a few times this week because of some typhoon that hit some nearby places. What comes with rain is cool air. What comes with cool air is a temporary escape from the hot weather. Bless. Ok that’s about it, future ALP DATE juniors, that is some excitement you can expect I guess….

This post when from nothing to something. That’s pretty cool.



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