ESD senior Tan Jia hao followed Ms. Tham Loke Kheng, CEO of Mediacorp, under the CEOX1Day program by Odgers Berndtson for a 1-day experience of life through a CEO’s perspective.

I was privileged to shadow Mediacorp’s CEO, Ms Tham Loke Kheng, for a 1-day immersion at Mediacorp as part of the CEOx1Day Program organised by Odgers Brendtson Singapore.

Previously as a TV content consumer, I was oblivious to the immense efforts that go behind content production, product marketing, etc. The immersion, which included exclusive tours to the filming and recording studios, has allowed me to experience different facets of the media industry. In particular, I was amazed by how different departments within Mediacorp are able to synergise and contribute to the eventual success of a media product. This synergy is especially prevalent and integral in the production of large-scale programs such as the General Elections, etc.

During the immersion, I also had the opportunity to hear from Ms. Tham about the challenges facing the media industry and how Mediacorp has been restructured recently to better address market needs. I also managed to share my candid views about what drives my generation of employees in the workplace. Through the immersion, I have recognised the importance of a company to constantly adapt to changing market conditions in order to stay relevant in the industry. These adaptations are not limited to product innovations, but also include “softer” aspects of the company such as the company culture and organisation.

I am extremely grateful to Odgers Brendtson and Mediacorp for coordinating the exciting ensemble of activities and exclusive tours, as well as SUTD for the initial invite.

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