Well, my time here at Texas A&M is coming to an end. But I’m still not out of the woods yet. There are still my final exams to get through. Having just finished 2 of my long-term projects I was dreading the final exam. Especially for Material Science as it requires a lot of memorization. Here at A&M, we are required to purchase scantrons for the exam as our answer sheets, or at least just for the subjects I have taken.

I decide to hang out with the friends I made here for the last time before I had to go back to Singapore. I am devastated that I have to leave so soon because we had actually bonded really well.  Maybe the real treasure from this exchange experience was the friends we made along the way.

Before we left, the exchange group organised an event for us to interact with students who are applying for exchange to Singapore. 3 of them are gonna be going to SUTD this fall. It’ll be so exciting to show them around here when they arrive. It was great to share with them our experiences at SUTD and the culture and customs that Singapore had to offer.

Even though I’m closing my chapter here at Texas A&M, this is not the end. I am an Aggie and an SUTDent and I am proud to have taken part in this programme.

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