Travelling to Hanoi for 7 days with the school was one interesting trip that we never thought would occur in our SUTD journey.

After an early start on day 0, we finally arrived in Hanoi in the early afternoon. Student leaders from VNU then took us on a tour of places near our hotel.

On the first day, we were warmly welcomed by students in VNU. Our group worked together with the department of Physics and Nanotechnology and we were introduced to our friends and local professors who then took us on a tour of their department.

Our first meal together with our VNU friends

On our second day, we were tasked with our first project. Solar Panels. While we have learnt the basics of solar panels in our module called Sustainable World, we never had the chance to do a physical practical with solar panels. VNU gave us the opportunity to do so. Using a machine, we were tasked to measure the irradiance of a solar panel by adjusting the different angles of a solar panel. This is so that we are able to achieve the most optimal angle to place solar panels in Vietnam.


On our third day, we were tasked with our next and final project, an integrating sphere. While agriculture is not prominent in Singapore, it is prominent in Vietnam. Agrilight is one project VNU UET is proud of and we were given the opportunity to understand their project. There are specific wavelengths for different plants to grow and using an integrating sphere allows us to find the right wavelengths to grow agriculture.

On our final day in VNU, we parted ways with our friends in VNU. While this experience is something we probably will not be able to get in Singapore, this FACT trip was an eye opening experience.

We would like to thank our friends and the local professors for this amazing experience. We would love to meet them again one day. Without them, this trip would be a very different one.

This is not to forget our food adventures in Vietnam. We ate lots there 🙂

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