Hello Everyone! DATE’s coming to an end! ūüôĀ On one hand I’m really going to miss China but on the other, I’m really glad to go home and catch up with some family and friends. That being said, I’ve really had an amazing experience here, learning about the culture, travelling to the different places in China, living as an exchange student, and no doubt improving some of the technical skills while from the project we were tasked to complete. But enough about that, how was the week!

Well, this week we focused more on working on the deliverable of the project, mainly the poster, video and report. Being a less artsy person myself, it was quite challenging to come up with interesting designs to deliver the information (some of the teachings from design fiction in play). It was quite challenging to come up with an interesting and exciting way to convey our project findings to others. Especially when the project involves quite a fair bit of technical aspects. Overall, I think that even though it might not have turned out as exceptional as people would like, I feel like through this process of working together with my theme members, asking around for help and research, it’s overall helped me better understand the design aspect of these components.

But other than that, since most of us were around here in Hang Zhou this week, and so we went out wayyyy more than usual! Trying to spend most of our last weeks just chilling together, having dinner, playing sports all the typical student stuff. We played some games till late at night, went to sing K more often and just the overall feel was quite relaxed even though we were all working quite hard throughout the day. I really enjoyed this week, spending the  day working, while hanging out at night.

Overall the DATE experience has been extremely rewarding and as we push towards our last submissions and presentation, I’m really excited to complete the project and show to people what we have accomplished during our time here.

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