Hi, my name is Keng Hin, welcome to my blog! I will be doing Deep Learning through Brain Signals in Zhejiang University and will be posting random thoughts on this 14 Week stay in China.

It has only been one week in Zhejiang and I have already grown attached to this place. There are so many things that China has that I wish were available in

Singapore, like how convenient it is to purchase things through AliPay, good affordable food and beautiful natural scenery.

Technology in China

Daily Taobao Packages

Everything is so interconnected and convenient here, mostly due to AliPay. You can do almost anything imaginable with this magical app – from ordering food to buying your flight tickets! On my first few days in China, when I did not have a bank account to set-up AliPay, I was constantly judged by cashiers and even street stall owners for transacting in cash! I never knew how technologically advanced and progressive this country was until then.





We also went on a museum tour to WDIC, where we got to see the latest technology innovations in Zhejiang. The multicolour 3-D printers and metal 3-D printers were indeed an eye-opener for me. We also saw a wide collection of Mi products that showed the possibility of a fully-automated smart home.






Food here is just crazy cheap. The Zhejiang University Canteen provides a hearty breakfast for only 10 元 (roughly $2). This includes a packet of milk, a bowl of noodles and 2 tea eggs. Amazing right? That’s not all, you can also get an Matcha ice-cream for only 3 元!

Cheap Breakfast

Further away from campus, my team and I found a hidden gem which sells fried rice which is even better than Din Tai Feng in Singapore and for only $4, and the servings are extremely generous.


I appreciate the change of view from the concrete jungle to a real-er forested view in China. There are greenery almost everywhere on campus and it is really soothing to the eye.


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