The week and the coming weeks has been and will be rather busy with our deadline for round 2 of the competition lurking even closer and we realized we had 10+ days left to settle everything… PANIC STATIONS EVERYONE!!!! 10+ days left and the app itself hasn’t been finalized yet and issues with individual UI aspects left us working constantly on our different aspects of the project. This meant that we are trusting each other to settle the different parts of the project that we were given, but this also made us feel like we are working on separate projects entirely, which made the synergizing of the team’s changing views rather difficult.

This madness made us call for a team meeting to try to align everyone’s points of view and in hopes that we are all on the same page with regards to it. This made the direction much clearer for all and allowed us to come back and hopefully get better synergy as we slowly put the parts of the app together, building the best possible app we could get.

Here’s to the successful 2nd Stage of the competition! Back to work!

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