The 3 months I have spent here in Zhejiang University has really changed me a lot. I became more appreciative of the Chinese culture, their drives, and perspectives towards the world. I have also grown to be more understanding towards these people and I had first hand experience living in their shoes.

I got what I came to ALP for – to become a better leader and gain technical knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Leading the Paper Aeroplane course at the Special Needs school and being the team leader for the project has taught me things that could never be learnt in the classroom. Having to focus on only one project has led me to effectively learn the things I wanted to learn. From now onwards, I would make it a habit to not multi-task as it has proven to improve learning efficiency.

I will miss the Profs and TAs, and all the ZJU students that I have met here. Goodbye~!

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