With our workload starting to pile up, more and more of our time in ZJU is spent in our offices rushing to meet deadlines.


The bane of my existence here. It seems that no matter how much time you put into it, there’s always more work to do. With the final presentation only a month away, most of us involved in the DIP module have put on hold our theme related deliverables and are dedicating most of our time on DIP. It’s quite amusing to watch us (theme 1 and theme 6 cause we are involved in DIP lel) rush for our consultation every Monday and our presentations every Thursday.

We’ll all be working at our usual working pace, taking a break every hour or so (for me it’s every 15 minutes but potato potahto) till it’s crunch time. Suddenly everyone is panicking at their desks, with our local groupmates running down to check on the status of our work. In my group, you’ll see Zhi Hao, our local translator, translating whatever questions or information our groupmates need. Wendy, our expert Googler, will help us google how to troubleshoot all the problems our Arduino gives us. And me, scratching my head at million errors the Arduino gives.

Then everything else happens in a flash. Suddenly its 10 minutes till our session. Everything is packed up in less than a minute, we’re rushing for the lift (Of course we take the lift. We pay school fees too.) and catching our breath as we wait for the lift. Before you enter the office, you’ll see the previous group standing outside, and they’re always doing the same thing. They’ll all be standing in a circle, half looking confused, the other half trying to piece together what the Prof has just told them. One person giving some ideas on what to do next, others just nodding their heads because they still need time to understand what’s next. Then at the side, we’ll see my group panicking over their sharing later, looking at whatever we have finished and trying sometimes looking satisfied. Then we rush into the office and so begins the nerve-wrecking sessions. It’s really quite funny that it never changes.

Well to be honest, every week’s gonna be looking like that till the end of DIP so YAY seeya next week.

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