Hello friends,

This week we finally complete our DIP projects! Looking back at the past months of effort, I think it’s safe to say we are all glad everything is over 😀 For those who are unaware, DIP is a module similar to 3.007, with a couple of exceptions: 1) A grand presentation in an auditorium packed with audiences instead of a exhibition and 2) Your teammates are actual year 3 ZJU design students. The emphasis on design in DIP is really much stronger here and I personally learnt a lot! (Below is my group’s product, an AI pet/study aid that can read emotions and respond naturally)

After the presentation, we had a post celebration BBQ nearby. (No photos because it was too dark) It was really awesome being able to bond with DIP group mates and sharing the memories over the past couple of months. I definitely look at the past two months fondly.

Frank Lee

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Due to the rise of artificial intelligence, research on natural speech recognition and emotion recognition is also being paid attention by more and more people. In this project, we will create an AI-based system related to the analysis of players’ debates in a board game called Werewolf (a very popular board game in China, similar to another board game named Mafia). The technic of emotion capture and logical reasoning algorithm will also be used in the project. The system can predict the identity of each player in the game and show it with Augmented Reality.


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