Hello Everyone! Welcome back to another blog post, its already been 11 weeks since we came to Hang Zhou and so much has happened. This week we focused more on our own theme projects, working to improve and finish up all our prototypes before the presentation in week 13. All the projects are super interesting and everyone’s stepping up their motors, going full speed into completing and enhancing their projects. I’m really excited to showcase our project and to see what other cool ideas other themes have been working on over their stay here!

For our theme project this week we finally completed our side of the model, focusing on image processing and machine learning process to decide if someone is deemed satisfied or unsatisfied. We had originally split into 2 teams to work on 2 different models with regards to modelling the problem. On one side we tried to use a 3 Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network with the hopes that the model would be able to extract relevant features from the temporal differences between each image, while the other model used a Convolutional Neural Network(CNN) combined with a time distributed Recursive Neural Network (RNN) with a LSTM cell in order to account for the time dimension since the original data given to use was in a video format (basically a set of multiple images). Overall, the latter did a better job at classifying the satisfactory label of each data set, achieving quite a decent accuracy for the validation set.

Meanwhile on the other hand we have the other team working on the EEG data, which is basically the brain signals that are output when you feel different things. In order to achieve a more accurate result, they had to do further processing on the data, in order to allow the machine learning model to better pick up on the features. By combining both models, we hope to achieve a better result to further improve the accuracy of the model.

Meanwhile, throughout the week since we’re all here in Hang Zhou, we spent more time together sharing stories, playing games and hanging out with each other. Even though we did work hard during the day at night, we had a chance to relax and play together! Overall, throughout the week we worked hard and played hard, continuing to push towards the showcase day! Next up, poster, report and video!

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