Pursuing a post-graduate course is no small decision. You want to be sure that the institution you choose will allow you to develop your career, and provide you with the flexibility to pursue your area of interest. You’ll naturally also want to gain industry-relevant experience and make valuable contacts that will help you achieve your professional goals. And all this within a programme that will realistically fit your lifestyle.

If you’re wondering how SUTD could be the right stepping stone for you, what better way to find out than from others who’ve joined us? Here are the top 5 reasons our post-graduates love studying here:

1. Interdisciplinary Approach
Boundary-busting at SUTD begins with eschewing rigid traditional disciplines for a multi-disciplinary approach to both learning and research. We believe in creating human-centric, comprehensive solutions which are effective, efficient and sustainable – and the best way to do that is by combining ideas and expertise from different fields.

This also means you’re perfectly placed to align your research precisely with your personal interest. While most universities require PhD research to be tied to a specific faculty/school, we give you the flexibility to adopt a cross-functional, outcome-based approach in designing your research. On top of that, you can even broaden your knowledge by attending classes from pillars outside of your own specialisation.

“The cross-pollination of ideas and knowledge allows us to conduct research and develop holistic solutions from different lenses. I was deciding between doing my doctorate in Singapore and in the UK, and I eventually chose Singapore.” – Harry Lim (below), pursuing a Doctorate of Engineering at SUTD.

Learn more about SUTD’s philosophy here. https://www.sutd.edu.sg/Education/Unique-Academic-Structure

2. Research is Everything
Interested in pushing the frontiers of human knowledge and ability? Research is at the centre of our post-graduate programmes at SUTD. The way we see it, the domain of technology and design is not an established practice, but an emerging force.

With eminent faculty members from different fields engaged in multi-disciplinary projects, and 13 research centres specialising in fields ranging from aviation to cybersecurity and games, you’ll have all the resources you need to make important breakthroughs. Plenty of innovative solutions to real-world issues have already emerged from our labs – from turning the ocean into a mega battery, to biodegradable plastic alternatives! It’s no surprise that our faculty members and researchers regularly receive international recognition for their work.

Third-year PhD student Ng Shiwei (above) tells us how learning from Earth’s circular ecosystem can help us build extraterrestrial settlements.

Read more about our research here. https://www.sutd.edu.sg/Research

3. Real-World Growth Areas
If you’re concerned about being prepared for the future economy, you’ll be happy to know that we’re thinking ahead too. In fact, we’ve identified three key upcoming sectors – Aviation, Cities, and Healthcare, supported by capabilities in artificial intelligence/data science – and have set aside a multi-million dollar budget to spearhead our growth in these industries.

For starters, we’re introducing a suite of integrated, multi-disciplinary programmes in collaboration with both institutional and industry partners, so our graduates are prepared to meet the challenges of Singapore and the world. We’ll prepare you to support national growth priorities, and address the large-scale, complex issues of the 21st century – such as an ageing society, rapid urbanisation, cybersecurity, global warming, and sustainable development.

Find out more about our Growth Plan here. https://www.sutd.edu.sg/About/Overview/SUTD-Growth-Plan

4. Prestigious Partnerships
In a research environment, partners are paramount, since collaboration and access to resources do make all the difference. Our partnerships with industry leaders, NGOs and government bodies create unique opportunities for our students.

From research into integrating technology, design and policy into urban planning at the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities (LKYCIC), to studying and addressing current and future challenges in the transport sector at the SUTD-LTA Transport Research Centre (TRC), our diverse partnerships allow our students to delve into a range of research possibilities. For instance, our partnership with Temasek Laboratories focuses on research and development in Robotics Intelligence and Sensors for potential defence applications, while the two research centres established with ST Engineering lead the way in cybersecurity and smart systems.

Here is the list of our research centres.

5. Award-Winning Labs
Fancy doing your cutting-edge research in world-class facilities? Our award-winning iTrust laboratories comprise of fully-functional versions of power generation and water treatment/distribution systems. These are accurate, working miniatures of their original counterparts, which allow for research and training in the design of secure, large-scale cyber-physical systems.

You’re looking at the Secure Water Treatment (SWaT) testbed in the iTrust Laboratory.

In the Secure Water Treatment (SWaT) testbed, built in consultation with PUB, an intricate network of pipes, filters and tanks makes up a water treatment plant. In the Water Distribution (WADI) testbed, pipelines connect huge tanks holding thousands of litres of water. A power grid system comprising the four stages of Generation, Transmission, Micro-grid, and Smart Home makes up the Electric Power Intelligent Control (EPIC) testbed, which even generates power for the other testbeds in the lab, so we can study the effects of a cyber-attack on connected testbeds. Finally, in the Research in Security Innovation Lab for Internet of Things (RESILIOT) testbed, researchers carry out tests on Internet-connected devices to uncover vulnerabilities in a specially constructed, shielded room. This all provides a first-in-the-world environment where cybersecurity professionals can test and enhance their defence mechanisms, to ensure that the country’s critical infrastructure is never compromised through cyber or physical attacks.

Find out more about our award-winning labs. https://wearesutd.sutd.edu.sg/sutd-ians/research/take-a-trip-into-sutds-award-winning-labs

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