Class of 2019: Four students and their best takeaways

We ask a graduate from each pillar to talk about what they plan to do next, and how SUTD has inspired them to pursue their dreams. Lun Ci Min, ASD I want to become a practising...

How these SUTD Alumnae are Paving the Way for Women in Technology

We caught up with three high flying alumnae for a wide-ranging conversation about what they’ve been up to since graduating, and to look back at their SUTD experience.

The Future Economy and How SUTD Prepares Our Graduates for It

We recently had the privilege of speaking with four SUTD alumni to learn more about the exciting roles they are playing in shaping the future economy and how the SUTD experience has prepared them for their roles.

Bianca Gill – Your Endless Curiosity x Our Interdisciplinary Learning Environment

Pictured above: Bianca graduated from SUTD with a Bachelor of Science and Master of Architecture and is SUTD’s first architect to be registered under the Board of Architects. Find out how Bianca's endless curiosity and...

Delphine Ang – Your Analytical Mind x Our Future-Ready Curriculum

Pictured above: Delphine, who is currently a Senior Manager under the Changi Airport Group. Find out how Delphine’s analytical mind and SUTD’s future-ready education prepared her to transform the future of air travel.  This article is...

Lim Jia Xuan – Your Design Vision x Our Human-Centric Design Approach

Pictured above: after co-founding Codomo with a group of SUTD graduates, Jia Xuan currently serves as the company’s Chief Operations Officer. Find out how Jia Xuan’s design vision and SUTD’s human-centric design approach helped her...

A Glimpse Into The Future: Open House 2018

Re-cap of the recently concluded SUTD Open House 2018

Reflections from SUTD alumna Jezamine Chua

We ask Jezamine about her learning journey in SUTD, and her thoughts on SUTD's goal towards gender diversity. She has been working as an architect in S A Chua Architects since graduation. 1. How has education...

An Efficient World with Pek Yun Ning

When you go grocery shopping, do you just see aisles of fresh vegetables and fruits or an opportunity to combat the issue of climate change and food security? As a woman who aspires to help solve...

Food Culture: Food is Where the Heart is

The relationship between food and people is an obvious one, and SUTD certainly has no shortage of food stories.