Yup, I lied when I wrote in my previous ALP blog post that it would be the last one. Having to meet the requirements of TFI award, I still need 2 blog posts (supposed to be 1 per week).

I shall write about some tips on using essential apps in China (maybe for the next batch of Date@ZJU students). This post is dedicated for waimai app.

  1. Understanding Chinese is important to save money through app usage. If you cannot read Chinese, get a friend who understands Chinese to help you.
  2. Becoming a member: if you intend to purchase more than 5 waimai in a month, it would be great to be their VIP member. You will get 20 tokens which can minimally be exchanged for 20 yuan worth of red packets while the cost of becoming a member and retaining as a member is less than 20yuan.
  3. Using red packet: try to use red packet for every purchase. If you do not have red packets, check if you have enough points to exchange for a red packet
  4. How to earn points: the only way I know is to purchase more waimai and rate the waimai you have bought. Pressing a few buttons to rate the delivery man and the food can save you a sum of money.
  5. To tie back to being a member, members earn more points for giving their ratings and have member-only discounts and red packets.
  6. Buying delicious food: most food in the app are delicious. For me, I usually choose from a selection of shops under ‘Quality Union’.
  7. Buying cheaper options: look for the discounts given by each shops. Many give you discounts once you have purchased a certain amount.

Of course, these tips are for reference only as better deals may be seasonal or yet to be discovered by me.

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