Hello there! Welcome back to my weekly blog posting. In this blog I would be talking more about our trips down to Hushu School (湖墅学校), and it’s just the beginning to our CIP journey, nothing more. Next we also had a visit to Bank of Beijing in Beijing for our theme project we had to do in China.

So what did we do for our CIP project. Essentially, we went down to this school to interact with the children from China. This children have a range of mental disabilities, ranging from autism to down syndrome. When we first arrived we did not do much, we just interacted with the teacher-in-charge and got an orientation of the place, we have yet to interact with the children. We got a brief overview of the sponsorship and the history of the school – how it started and who are the major people donating. Subsequently, Alex and Maesy discussed with Wu Laoshi what are the plans for the children for the days to come.

So apart from the trip down to CIP venue, we also had a sponsored trip down to Beijing. It was covered by the school, and it was us visiting a branch of Bank of Beijing – the company we are interning for. We only learn a bit more on their business models and what are they essentially needing us to configure a giant dashboard for data analytics. Most of the talking was done by the senior/graduate of Zhejiang University, while we were just sitting in and listening to the presentation on Bank of Beijing’s business flow. We had a rather interesting dinner that night. A variety of dishes that I have never tried before.

Other than the visit to the Bank of Beijing, we were given some spare time to roam about Beijing. (Yay! :)) It was a little rushed as we only had about 1 day to roam about on our own. We went to significant places, such as the Forbidden City and ate their well-known Bijing duck for dinner. Pretty much sums up our only free day we had in Beijing, we went to rest off for the day and head back to Hangzhou.

That pretty much sums up this week in China! See you in the next post!


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