Theme 4 Members (Except Me & Keng Hin)


On 6th May, the second batch reached the Zhejiang University International Student Hostel at around 1AM (due to flight delay).

In the morning, the first batch of ALP students brought us to set up our bank accounts as well as to get a China mobile SIM card. With these, our lives in Hangzhou are made much simpler because we get to use Alipay and Wechat to carry out transactions! One thing I found really amazing about Hangzhou (or China) was that we are able to make cashless transactions even in road side stalls. The transactions are also very fast, unlike cashless options like Paywave in Singapore.

Over the weekend, many of us started to explore the ZJU Zijinggang campus as well as it’s surroundings. The campus is really huge with lots of greenery and really nice scenery! There is also a food street nearby to fill our stomachs at affordable prices 🙂

Scenery in ZJU

Pretty Sunset (with Celine posing)

Moving on to the excursions prepared by ZJU. We were brought to a Achievements in Science and Technology Museum in the campus to learn more about the history of the university.

An interesting fact: The predecessor of Zhejiang University is Qiushi Academy (求是书院). A quick search on the meaning of 求是 on Google returns the result “追求真理,探寻真知” which means chasing the truth and exploring the genuine knowledge. This matches Zhejiang University’s educational philosophy of cultivating all-round competence in students, seeking the truth and pioneering new trails in search of excellence.

Our next trip was to the Industrial Design Town (Dream Town) where many tech companies and start-ups are located. There are design exhibitions and opportunities for us to see how working in such companies are like.

XiaoMi Exhibition

ZJU History Museum

Industrial Design Exhibition

More Exhibitions!


The food in Hangzhou has been great and cheap! Food delivery is convenient and can be done with just a few clicks. We can even order milk tea for delivery! Below are some photos of a buffet I had with ZJU buddies and ALP students 🙂


More Seafood




See yall next time 😀

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