During the lecture on Design Thinking and Expression on Monday, the individual groups had to present 25 different actions on each of the 2 origami bodies they have chosen. Coming up with so many actions for a piece of paper and making the bodies move according to plan was not a serene process. We faced many challenges especially towards the end where the papers started falling apart, messing up the positions of the servos and motors. Nonetheless, we managed to deliver satisfactory videos and a storyline linking the actions together.

While most of the students were out on a full-day trip to Volvo, I toured around the campus, enjoying the often-overlooked scenery we have in ZiJinGang Campus.

As it was Dragon Boat Festival on Friday, we used the public holiday we had to visit Nanxun water town which was 70km away from us. We spent 88 yuan per person on a 2-hour bus ride from Hangzhou to Nanxun and an admission ticket to the attractions in the water town. You can pay an extra 10 yuan on a return bus trip back to Hangzhou.

Once we arrived, we could see houses built on rivers with bridges connecting them and boats with tourists. Despite it being a Chinese public holiday, the place was not crowded, making it a good tour destination for large groups of people.

Most of the attractions were historical sites, ancient buildings infused with Western styles of architecture, and temples with wishing ponds and candle offerings.


My favourite attraction was Little Lotus Garden (小莲庄). It is a scenic place with tranquil waters surrounded by lush greenery.


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