For the last week in China, I decided to go for a trip to Shanghai. My trip was delayed all thanks to the typhon that was around in Zhejiang area from 10-11 August where all the train trips between Hangzhou and Shanghai are cancelled for 10 August. I decided to go shanghai as my best friend is from Shanghai so free home stay for my trip!!! Of course also for the companion ~

We went to an interesting 3D-JP puzzle shop which sells all form of puzzles. From book cover to calendrer to key chains, also including 3D clocks which are really pretty!!

I personally bought a small puzzle (150 pieces) that can act as a decoration for my study table. It’s pretty and of really great quality~

We enjoyed great food for the trip where my friends brought me around many famous restaurants among the youngsters. The queue is long and we waited for 2+ hours but the food is absolutely delicious! (满来)

高岛屋寿喜烧! Japanese style of beef and hotpot & the taste is fantastic!!

I got myself a huge ice cream which they named it kangaroo as there are two mini ice cream on top of the main ice-cream! Also there are biscuits and kit kat chocolate added. ( Which I used them as my spoons haha)

We went to the miniso as well!! Which is in official collaboration with the marvels selling variety of items at quite a reasonable price. We bought a whole bag worth of items filled with bottles, keychains, socks and caps~ (for less than 40 sgd hue hue)

I went to meet my cousin as well who’s currently working in Shanghai. We went to 人民广场 area since its nearer to her company and had our dinner at 掌柜.

Lelecha is a must try if you love bubble tea!!! As well as Heytea (although available in sg as well) but with many more flavours!! I tried a drink of peach flavoured with real peach!! The taste is greatttt!

I went to some other famous place in Shanghai including 静安寺,城隍庙 and 南京路步行街 (since they are just beside each other)

These are the more touristy areas where its more expensive…..

But I would still recommend as they are equipped with distinguish features and unique building designs. Also thanks to typhon its not as crowded as usual!

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