Well met, reader!

Welcome to the blog for the exchange program at Tokyo Institute of Technology (TiTech).

I am Justinian and together with Leslie, we will be taking you guys through our journey in Japan over the next few weeks.

In our two months here, we will be joining the Cross Border Entrepreneur Cultivating Program (CBEC) which features the Disciplined Entrepreneurship and the Engineering Design Project modules. Here, we get to meet and work together with other students from Japan, England, Germany, China and Thailand.


Our first order of business would be the orientation program hosted by TiTech as well as to explore the area which is to be our home for the next 60+ days. TiTech’s main campus is located at Ooyakama Station, which sits in the center of a moderately sized town flanked by the Meguro and Oota wards.

Ookayama Station

The Tokyo Institute of Technology is a large place indeed, spanning over 6 sectors (with each being as large as the entire SUTD itself!) We are primarily centered in the West area for our lectures and lessons while the CBEC modules are held in the Design Factory (TiTech’s Fab Lab) in the Ishikawadai Sector (a 15 min walk from the entrance!)

Map of Tokyo Tech Ookayama Campus
Tokyo Tech Main Building

After acquiring our student identification and transport passes, we sat in for our first lecture in TiTech, before heading to the canteen for dinner.

The food at the canteen was pretty meh, so the students from our lab invited us over for a DIY rice ball making session.

Canteen Food
Food/Ping-pong/Settlers of Catan Session
DIY Onigiri

That concludes our first day here in Tokyo Tech, follow up for more updates on our adventures!


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