Day 4:

Started the day in the IDC: Did some designs and subsequently used the Prusa 3D printers and the fablight metal laser cutters. I was also given the opportunity to print using the stratasys printers (which I hear cost close to a million dollars).

I visited the Koch centre of integrative cancer research and their galleries! Also had some Danish lunch at Vester, the food’s pretty good by the way!

Next I went to see a baseball game at Fenway park! Go Red Sox! Despite our raucous cheering, it was to no avail as the Boston Red Sox lost 4 -9 to the Rays 🙁

We got good photos though! A piece of advice: don’t get bleachers that face the sun; if you do bring a pair of shades!

Next I went to see Fast and Furious! Great movie by the way, but please don’t watch movies in the states in cinemas. It cost 15 USD …. per person. Get Netflix 🙂

That’s about it for day 4.

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