First group-fie on Buddy Day (also my first time using a selfie stick YIKES)

Before I talk about the start of the project on Week 2, I want to start with what happened at the end of our first week. It was a very exciting day for everyone, because it’s Buddy Day – a day when we are attached to a ZJU student who will bring us around the scenic and beautiful placed in Hangzhou for a day.

I can’t speak for everyone in the Theme, since the choosing of Buddy is done individually (and WOW you guys are not messing around with your first-come-first-served registrations) but I will tell my own experience to West Lake, or 西湖 (Xī Hú).

As one of the most popular tourist spots in Hangzhou, the place was expectedly packed with people. But the scenery that we saw was really unlike anything I have seen before. It was breathtaking.

This scenery is so iconic it is featured on the 1 Yuan bill

Our buddy, Amberley, brought us sightseeing around the lake and then took a boat to the island in the middle of the lake for lunch and more sightseeing.

And yes, of course we have to include a montage of the amazing food that we were presented with.

Overall, Buddy Day was definitely the highlight of the week. It was everything I hoped for and more. We got the chance to meet new friends, both from SUTD and ZJU, and it would definitely be one of the best days of the entire trip.

More importantly though, Week 2 is the start of courses and theme projects. The course that we took first was in Origami Robots, where we learnt the basic mechanics and CAD-ing using Rhino. We also came together as a theme and met with the professors to clarify the idea of the project.

With all the fun and games, the week is still a good and productive week for us. We look forward to what the trip has in store for us in the future!

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