Welcome to my quick guide on navigating the bustling hub of technological innovation and academic excellence – the National University of Singapore’s School of Computing (NUS SoC). If you’re intending to take courses under SoC when you’re on an exchange there, this quick guide will equip you with all the essential information you need to navigate yourself within the campus.

Getting There

The School of Computing is located near the Central Library and the NUS Business School. It has three buildings, COM1, COM2, and COM3. There are a couple of ways to get there. 

A map of the National University of Singapore’s School of Computing

The first way is to take a public bus (Bus 95, 96, 151) to the National University of Singapore’s Central Library (Bus stop 16181).  This is a viable path to take if you’re not coming from Kent Ridge MRT Station. Once you get off at the bus stop, you will be able to see the Central Library in all its glory.

NUS Central Library

Go down the stairs and walk through the open space of the library. You will be able to see a path that leads to a large garden. Take the right most path in the garden and follow the path, passing by multiple lecture theatres until you see the red-brick path enter a white, old-looking building. Congratulations, you’ve reached SoC COM1!

The open space right outside the main entrance of the Central Library

Take the path all the way to SoC COM1

Lecture Theatres on the way to SoC COM1

Outside SoC COM1

The other way to get to SoC is by taking one of NUS’ internal shuttle bus services from Kent Ridge MRT Station. You’ll need to take bus A2 at the bus stop opposite the MRT station by going through the underpass there. Afterwards, alight at the bus stop at COM2. This is an easier path to take if you’re coming from Kent Ridge.

Bus Stop right outside SoC COM2


Outside SoC COM1

COM1 is the first and oldest building of the NUS School of Computing. It contains many seminar rooms, tutorial rooms and computer labs to facilitate students’ learning. It also where the main office for the School of Computing is located. Other than that, there is really not much to talk about.

SoC COM1 Main Hallway (Level 2)

This hallway is the second floor of COM1. It is where most students hang out, study and work on their projects during the term. It is also where many of the tutorial rooms are located.

SoC COM1 Level 1

This is the first floor of COM1. The computer labs are located here, and this is where I usually go to discuss my assignments and labs with my professors.

COM1 is also located right next to the garden near the Central Library. If you’re looking to take a walk to touch some grass or get a breath of fresh air, it is especially convenient!

So much greenery!



As the second building for the School of Computing, it is where most of the lecture theatres are located. It is also the nearest building to a bus stop.

The main entrance for SoC COM2

COM2/COM3 Canteen

COM2 (and COM3) is home to the only canteen for the School of Computing. Of course, there are other canteens within the school, but this is the most accessible one. The canteen is rather unique as it encourages the use of order kiosks instead of ordering directly from the stall itself. This helps to minimise the need for contact between the staff and the students. There are a wide variety of dishes to choose from in this canteen.

COM2 Hallways outside the Lecture Theatres

Convenience Store located outside LT16

Along the hallway, there is also a convenience store outside LT16. It is where I usually get snacks or drinks in between lectures at an affordable price. They even have the option of making milk tea or coffee for you.



COM3 is the newest addition to the School of Computing Infrastructure. Completed at the end of 2022, it is host to many multipurpose halls, research labs and spacious collaboration spaces to accommodate the fast-growing community of SoC students. 

COM3 is pretty spacious!

smöoy and CBTL are located right beside the canteen in COM3

Of the three, COM3 is the most impressive building by far, hosting well known cafes and shops such as Smöoy and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  It is also the home of the Makers @ SoC, SUTD’s Makerspace and SOAR equivalent. 

Makers @ SoC


I hope this quick guide has provided you with an idea of how to navigate the buildings of the National University of Singapore’s School of Computing (NUS SoC) and what to look out for. For those who intend to go on an exchange at NUS, I hope you have a good time there!

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