In NTU, the system is very different from SUTD. One stark contrasting difference is the fact that the weightage for project work compared to SUTD is literally non-existent. Among all the core mods I am taking, there is only 1 that had a presentation that was only 15% along with 2 other lab work that is done with the same group that weighs a total of 10%. The rest is into your final exam. It was a very different system from what I am used to in SUTD and not going to lie but it did give me a bit of a shock. Now doing well for the finals is very very very important. No wonder I can always see studies at study areas studying or rather mugging. 


Study areas in NTU are in abundance. Every little corner that is not occupied by any amenities will be filled up with tables and chairs. In every building, you will be able to find these kinds of study areas and the area filled with students. Some areas are more popular than others due to it being air-conditioned or cause it is more centralised.  


For example, this area which is located in the SPMS building is air-conditioned is and pretty quiet. Quite conducive to study I would say. Hence why it is one of my favourite spots to study in when I have some free time before my lesson starts or to have my lunch. It only has 4 benches per se and it is usually occupied. So if I am lucky, I would be able to get a spot. Else I would move on to my other favourite spot. 


The South Spine main carpark has study areas in its corridor. It is also usually crowded because it is a very centralised area. There are food court just in front of the carpark and classes are just above the carpark too. Most of the time apart from lunch time, you could get a seat. Its just that when the weather is hot, it might be a bit too hot to study or eat there.  



Most of the time, I would be sitting in the south spine area as my classes are mostly all there. Well for now… Crunch Time…!!

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