Half of our teams have arrived in ZJU in the first week. For the first two weeks, most of us choosed to slack in hostel and settle down on the bank account and sim card. Luckily our theme has a passionate TA that led us a fantasitic trip to one of the Alibaba mall.

The indoor modernization and user interface technology amaze all of us.

The huge display screen inside the mall even showed the statistics of what is the ratio of males to females customers entering this mall for the last few hours. The trigger a discussion among our theme members about how Alibaba can achieve this.

On the other hand, as our theme is entitled as ”AI Empowered Design”, our theme members are the busiest ones among all the theme. We basically have meeting everyday. Nevertheless, our theme slogan is ”Work first, chill later!”

Hope Ali爸爸 will reward our hardwork in the future.

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