This is the second part of our “exchange” where we rode zip cars to visit out friends currently doing their GLP at Berkeley.

Firstly, we visited a farmer’s market:

It was just a stretch of food stalls but it was a good meet up point.

We then embarked on a day full of shopping at thrift stores. Speaking of thrift stores, there are actually 3 categories of them:

  1. Mission based shops, sells donated items to raise fund
  • These kinds sells a variety of items for a very low cost. Highly recommended
  • An example is Goodwill

2. Outlet for outlet brands.

  • For clothes that even outlet stores could not sell, they are sold here.
  • Can find branded goods for very low cost
  • Examples are Marshalls and Ross Dress for Less

3. Second hand stores

  • Not my personal favourite as they costs a lot more
  • But you can find something you might like
  • Many of them are littered around Berkely

After which, we tried hunting for University of Berkely merch. There are many stalls around. Apparantly, this university was the first univeristy that got the name University of California. So majority of the merch says “Cal” instead of Berkeley.

Speaking of merch, there may be offers to make the very expensive merch slightly cheaper. This can either be the items on the clearance rack or sign up offers:

After walking around and seeing the sights, we bought our dinner using snackpass app and sat down here to picnic

After the picnic, we then drove back to Stanford while blasting music in our karaoke car.

Written by: Chi Han


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