After one long and tiring week of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) data collection, this week, we are moving on to the Electroencephalography (EEG) data collection. It can be argued that the EEG sessions are still better and more comfortable compared to the seemingly easy fMRI sessions.

An angry/sad test subject

However, it is not hard to imagine the test subjects to have a similar expression and feeling (despair and regretted to have volunteered maybe???) as one of our teammates and test subject Ashlyn. The male team members had it worse since they had to do both the fMRI and EEG sessions in consecutive weeks.

Furthermore, as the TA (teaching assistant) who was supposed to be helping us in collecting the data had to head back to UK before we were able to finish the data collection, team member Celine was appointed to be in charge of the EEG data collection. Hence, she had to go to the neuro lab everyday, while the rest of the members alternated to go and help, to monitor and conduct the sessions.

eprime data

EEG data

EEG data – electrodes

EEG data – electrodes

As of this Friday, we have finally finished collecting data of over 11 subjects, including the team members and some very kind volunteers. As time is running short, we did not waste any time and started to process the data obtained as fast as possible, while the data from the fMRI sessions are being processed by our TA, so that we can proceed to train our machine learning model.

Thinking we could finish processing the data in time, we headed to one of the workspaces of our supporting company to upload the supposedly processed data onto their server. We misjudged the amount of time we required and ended up not being able to finish the data processing by the time we were at the workspace.

just two normal men(?) with their best pose

Nevertheless, although it has been another tiring week for us, we had our share of fun doing the work and tasks given.

That is all from me for this week. Hopefully everything goes on according to plan the following weeks as we are moving closer and closer to the final week.

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