A NEW GENERATIONAL CONTRACT: My St. Gallen Symposium Experience

As a Civil Engineer, I always wondered how I could be different - how I could contribute to my profession, to my country, Tanzania, and to the world. Construction contributes to about 50% of...

Food Culture: Food is Where the Heart is

The relationship between food and people is an obvious one, and SUTD certainly has no shortage of food stories.

Kevin Lee

Class of 2015, ISTD

Terence Chew

Class of 2015, ASD

Ng Zi Kai

Class of 2016, ESD

A Glimpse Into The Future: Open House 2018

Re-cap of the recently concluded SUTD Open House 2018

Design for Good

Solving problems in meaningful ways.

Samuel Chin

Class of 2015, ISTD

One Ring at a Time

A chat with Edward and Olivia, the inventors behind the Sesame Ring!

Beyond SUTD: The Learning Journey

Four SUTD graduates share what they’ve learnt (in SUTD), and what inspired them to further their studies. Jonathan Ng, Architecture and Sustainable Design Pursuing Masters of Architecture at Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD) Why did...