Hello! Timo here again, and this time it is about my trip to Sichuan! Well this trip was rather packed with lots of events, from mountain climbing to shopping and food. It was very eventful trip and I would probably split this into a few different post, so sit back and read on!

So Chengdu! First off this place is located all the way west of China, and where is Hangzhou on the map? In the EAST! So how did we travel there? By train. How long did it take? Very very very long! Okay, enough of the questions and answers. Well the whole trip to the Chengdu was 14hrs long, yes 14 hours long, 2/3 of the day sitting down traveling on a moving carriage from one end of China to the other end of China. It was not too bad though the ride. The other option was to take a plane, it cut the whole trip by 11 hours, but cost about 3x more the price of the train ticket. So, train it is. The chair was somewhat comfy, the food was a little bad, but edible nonetheless. We spend most of our time on our phones playing games, sleeping or watching videos. The train ride actually had amazing scenery. From high raised mountains to the luscious fields and agricultural lands, it was a train ride that was soothing.

The moment we reached Chengdu, it was dark out; late at night. We went to buy our return ticket back and we took a taxi to our “Airbnb” location. We went up settled in, slept and woke up to a very packed day ahead of us. We went off to a small, unassuming noodle shop for breakfast and off we went to shop. Later in the trip we were planning to head up to the mountains, and Dan and Ran were planning to climb to a peak. So we set out to find a decathalon for some mountaineering paraphernalia. At the same time, we had the most amazing Ma La of my life. Ma La is essentially like steamboat, but the broth is filled with tons and tons of chillipepper and Sichuanese peppercorn. One provides the spiciness while the other provides this numbing feeling in your mouth. Combined together you get this insane feelings in your mouth – a total overdose of burn and numbness. Phew! Makes you want to dump your mouth with milk. That’s what we did on the first day, and soon enough we were heading off to the mountains.

Thanks for reading this post! Check out the later post on this trip to Chengdu! See you later!

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