Hello! Welcome back to my adventures in Sichuan now. Last we just checked into the hostel on our first town, and was about to set out for some hiking on the mountain tops.

So after having a belly full of lamb, and a night filled with singalongs and card games. We turned in and prepared for a day of hiking ahead of us. The hiking was fun. We get to see river flowing from the side of the mountains. Stepped in a lot of cow dung. Got pictures of nature, that was something that was refreshing for me. The thing we had to deal with most was Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), which is the body’s inability to adapt to the thinner air up in the mountains, causing headaches and lethargy. However, that did not stop me from hiking further and further! I shall probably just let the pictures do all the talking for me, no amount of words will do justice to the entirety of the experience.

We in the end go up some stairs to witness a huge waterfall.

After all these adventures, we took a bus ride to explore different landmarks in the vicinity.

Following day we set off to another location in the mountains. It is a place with Tibetan homes. It had stretches of houses for the natives in that area, and we managed to book one place for us to stay in. It was cold being up in the mountains, so showers were also cold.

Next up we went off to another location as a pit stop just before we head back to town, we got some beef jerky along the way, and saw a few stray dogs. We had nothing much planned out for this location, but we saw this tiny hill that we thought we could climb. We went up there to explore the place, and in order to access it we had to pay a small sum of money, and up there we saw a temple, and a few horses. Nothing too special. Nonetheless, after staying in this pit stop, we headed back to Chengdu, and the trip up the mountains came to a conclusion.

So this entirety of the trip up the mountain mostly concludes itself with all the pictures taken. We end up in the city going shopping, eating more mala and just enjoying ourselves before we head back to Hangzhou in our amazing 14hr train ride. Yay! Anyway, that is all for the trip to Chengdu/Sichuan! See you in the next and final post!


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