Hu Shu Special School

The TFI group went to Hu Shu Special School for a recee trip. Although I have interacted with special needs countless times, it was still my first time entering a special needs school to observe their operation. The overall feel I get is the school provides a very safe environment for the students to learn important life skills. The most interesting yet not surprising thing was the ‘song’ played through the sound system. The ‘song’ was basically counting 1234, 2234, 3234 …

My main takeaway from the visit was something that Wu Laoshi said. He hopes the student can eventually live independently for a day and it need not mean to be employable. It coincides with what I do — imparting essential skills in hope that the special needs can be independent.


Another highlight of the week is the trip to tianducheng (because I cannot afford to go to Paris).

‘Eiffel tower’ in the day

The last time I saw this was in the USA

Experimenting with Physics but failed terribly …


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