Starting from Thursday this week, I went with a group of my friends to Shanghai! We took the early train so as to maximize the daytime in Shanghai. We were planning to go to 欢乐谷 (Happy Valley) which is a roller coaster park but the weather forcast was not in our favour so we were hoping to at least ride a decent amount of rides.

When we reached there, we decided to take the scariest rides first. It was really fun and I felt the most adrenaline in a long time. At first, I thought I would be cowardly and chicken out of many rides but I was surprised at my appetite for adventure and more risky rides. We were very lucky in the sense that we were able to take many last rides before the rain caused all operation to stop. I was very glad that we were able to make full use of our ticket as compared to others that arrived later and were not able to ride as many rides as us. All in all, I would definitely recommend Happy Valley. The sheer amount to rides available exceeded our expectations and it made the SGD$40 we spent well worth it.

Besides the roller coaster park, we went to quite a few shopping malls and streets to look for clothes. I was surprised by the range of clothes they had as well as the slashes in prices. A decent blouse or skirt from brands like H&M or ZARA would cost around SGD15. Hence, we spent quite a fair bit on new clothes.

I’m glad to be back in HangZhou where meals are cheap and we have a hostel to return to. HangZhou really feels like home when we come back from other places in China.

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