The adrenaline junkies (as what my roommate May calls us) went to 杭州乐园 for some thrill rides. Warning: the theme park is REALLY only suitable for adventurous people.

On our way to the park, we were still debating whether the park was closed since we heard no screams and the Ferris wheel wasn’t operating too. Luckily, some rides were operating, except for a few like the roller coaster which would be available after 2pm.

  Chris escaping from the ‘haunted’ washroom

Yes, the washroom is pretty scary, esp if you are the only one inside. No idea why they made the washroom so scary.

May and Chris in the so-called ‘washing machine’ where they got spun around

The rides in the park are very fun; there’s roller coaster, sky drop, water slide (buy the poncho!) and many more. The only ride which I would not recommend is the pirate ship. All of us thought that pirate ship in any theme park would not go wrong, but we were all wrong! It was very slow and we all had slight motion sickness after it ended :/

Anyway, overall rating of the theme park is 5/5. For adrenaline junkies only.

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