Taman Sari Water Palace and House of Raminten

Wednesday marks the final push for our modelling task. Each team is to finish their model, and analysis, showcasing it as an executive summary and presentation by the end of the day.


Taking a quick respite from work, we headed to Taman Sari, where a bathing complex from the mid-18th century is well-preserved. It is also a highly popular photo site, for foreign and domestic visitors alike. The other areas of Taman Sari such as the artificial lake, complexes are now functioning as a village instead.


For dinner, we headed to the House of Raminten. Another group that went there a previous day mentioned that there are queues at peak periods. Not wanting to fight with the dinner crowd, we headed there early. Owned by a famous Jogja drag queen, it serves cheap and authentic Java food, befitting the atmosphere of the restaurant with their traditionally dressed waiters. We had Bakso, Ayam Koteka (rice with chicken baked in bamboo), Telur Bakar, Bakwan Jagung.

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