Dear Diary, today was a pretty productive day! We happened to chance by a group of parents visiting PMU, and attended lectures conducted by both SUTD & PMU faculty.

Prof Mohan kicked off the morning sharing the design methodology used in SUTD, and the various research projects and their path commercialization.

In the afternoon, Ms Aulia Ardista Wiradarmo (M.Sc), gave a very insightful crash-course on Indonesian Product & Architecture very interesting, which discussed various aspects of transitional Indonesian designs, how they are being incorporated into modern designs today, and policies actively taken by the Indonesian government to promote its domestic design & manufacturing industry. 

The greatest takeaway from Ms Wiradomo was the insight on how Indonesia, being an archipelago nation, has no single unified culture, but is a melting pot of various instead each region has their own distinct designs and vernacular culture.

After another quick lecture by Prof Mohan on Biominicry Design, we popped by the Pasar Modern Paramount night market and savored many local delicacies there.

We will be heading a local Indonesian “culture park” (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah) to learn more about the local preferences, cultural influences of Indonesian consumers. Will keep you updated!

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